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2007年8月15日 (水)

foo_playback_custom v1.4.1

I released foo_playback_custom v1.4.1.

Change log

  1. Add "PLAY_STAMP" function 
  2. Fix message in preferences page and about box

The PLAY_STAMP function stores timestamps for every time a file is played.
The relations with %FIRST_PLAYED% and %LAST_PLAYED% are as follows.

$meta(PLAY_STAMP,$sub($meta_num(PLAY_STAMP),1)) = %LAST_PLAYED%

If you use foo_custominfo mode, then as follows

$cinfo(PLAY_STAMP,$sub($cinfo_num(PLAY_STAMP),1)) = %LAST_PLAYED%





This component stores playback statistics (play count, played date) in a tag or foo_custominfo database.

If the component is unable to write a tag, you can have it write the information into the custom_info database (this requires you to have foo_custominfo installed).


  • Writes playback statistics (play_count, first_played, last_played, play_stamp) in tags or foo_custominfo database
  • Allows you to select which information to be written
  • Allows you to select the tags where the information is to be stored
  • Allows you to select when the information is updated (when the song starts playing, when it has finished etc)
  • Writes statistics to custominfo database if tag could not be written (e.g. when dealing with cue + wav, wma)
  • Allows you to convert the official playback statistics tag (including timestamp) to an another
  • Allows you to convert tag to custominfo database and vice versa
  • High performance more than foo_playcount_mod


All of the following can be changed:

  • Default tag name for play count: %play_counter% 
  • Default tag name for first played: %first_played% 
  • Default tag name for last played: %last_played%
  • Default tag name for play stamp: %play_stamp%
  • Format of play date is: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS 
  • Update playback statistics: when song has been played for 60 seconds


  1. Copy dll file to "foobar2000\components" directory 
  2. Run foobar2000


  1. Run foobar2000 
  2. Check to see that foo_playback_custom is installed by going to Preferences -> Components.
    Also, check to see if you are using the latest version.


  3. Go to Preferences -> Tools -> Playback Statistics Custom


    Playback Statistics Update Timing 

    This option allow you to change when the plugin updates information:

    Disable (Do not update)

    (self explanatory)

    Update when a track is started
    (self explanatory)

    Update when a track is ended

    (self explanatory)

    Update when playback percentage is

    You can select a value between 1% and 99%.

    Update when playback second(s) is

    You can set any value greater than 1 second.

    Playback Statistics Settings

    Use the checkboxes to select which tags you want to write.
    If you want to use a different tag to store the information (e.g. Play_Count instead of Play_counter), type in the box.

    Use the combo box to select which database you want to write.

    only tags

    Write only file tags.

    only foo_custominfo database
    Write only foo_custominfo database.
    This requires you to have foo_custominfo installed.

    tags and foo_custominfo database (if writing tag fails)
    If this component is unable to write a tag, you can have it write the information into the foo_custom_info database.
    This requires you to have foo_custominfo installed.

    You want to convert old tags, check "Convert old tag and Remove" and type source old tag name in the box.
    (note) If the old tags has converted new tags, old tags has removed.

    Other Settings
    Only tracks in the media library update playback statistics

    If selected, no information will be written to songs that are not in the media library.


(Q) I get a popup window when playback statistics is being updated. Is this normal?
(A) Normally, the window shouldn't appear while using the component. it only appears when I/O processing time while writing the tag is long. The track might also stop playing.

* While playing losssless files (e.g. Flac, APE, Wavpack, TAK) which are highly compressed, IO processing time can be long.
* Another component is trying to update the file information at the same time.
* Your Hard drive is slow/ fragmented

* Use a lower compressed lossless file
* Try changing the update time setting. (Usually components like foosic and audioscrobbler update at around 1 min.)
* Defrag your hard drive


You are using the component at your own risk. The developer is not responsible for any damages.


The component has a discussion thread at Hydrogenaudio:
Some Playcounter mods - Hydrogenaudio


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