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2010年6月25日 (金)

foo_twit_post v3.0.1

Released foo_twit_post v3.0.1.

(Note 1) Previous versions of foo_twit_post will be disabled after 2010/08/31 because Twitter changes specifications. Please see here for details. Please update previous version to this version when you use foo_twit_post after 2010/08/31.

(Note 2) The Twitter password is reset, and please authenticate in preferences page when updating it from the version before foo_twitter_post v2.0.1 to this version.

(Note3) The client name displayed with Twitter was changed from foo_twitter_post to foo_twit_post. 2010/07/07 postscripts.

Change log    

  • Changed: Corresponded to OAuth(xAuth).
  • Fixed: Foobar2000 crash when executing keyboard shortcut to Twitter Post when you have not played the song.
  • Fixed: Foobar2000 might crash when using "With comment".
  • Fixed: When the compiled link format was empty, URL by j.mp was not shortened.
  • Updated: Rebuild with latest SDK.




This component post now playing track information to Twitter manually/automatically.

You can post by a free format that uses Title Formatting.   

The default format is below.

#nowplaying TITLE - ARTIST - [ALBUM No.TRACKNUMBER] http://j.mp/xxxxxx

  • Allows you to post manually.
  • If manual post mode, allows you to post with comment.
  • Allows you to post automatically.
  • If automatic post mode, this component post basically at intervals of 1 track. However, it is possible to post at intervals between 1 to 1000 tracks in consideration of being disliked.
  • Allows you to set timing to post.
  • Allows you to insert the link in the tail of post message.
  • Allows you to post to Twitter via proxy.


  • When the setting is changed, the change becomes effective starting the next track.


  1. Copy dll file to "foobar2000\components" directory 
  2. Run foobar2000


  1. Run foobar2000 
  2. Check to see that foo_twitter_post is installed by going to Preferences -> Components.      
    Also, check to see if you are using the latest version.   
  4. Go to Preferences -> Tools -> Twitter Post    
    Twitter Settings      
    You set Twitter.       
    Screen Name      
    Screen name of Twitter authentication now.      
    Authentication button 
    Displayed the authentication dialog when pushed.   
    Delete button
    The authentication is deleted when pushed. 
    Post Format
    You set post message by Title Formatting. 

    (Note) The final character string compiled by Title Formatting must not exceed 140 characters.         
    Add link at end of post         
    If selected, insert the link in the tail of post message. Default link is to YouTube.    
    Use proxy          
    If selected, post to Twitter via proxy. set “Server” and “Port” edit box.       
    Automatic Post Settings         
    This option allow you to change when the plugin posts the track information to Twitter.         
    Do not use automatic post         
    (self explanatory)         
    Post when a track is started         
    (self explanatory)         
    Post when a track is ended
    (self explanatory)         
    Post when playback percentage is
    You can select a value between 1% and 99%.         
    Post when playback second(s) is
    You can set any value greater than 1 second.            
    Post Intervals
    You can select a value between 1 and 1000. e.g. if you select 1, post all tracks. If you select 100, post tracks at intervals of 100 tracks.            
    This component posts tracks at the probability of the value set in the slide bar. e.g. if you select 1, post all tracks. If you select 100, post tracks at a probability of 1/100. But because of a probability, as much as one might not be posted even if it plays by 100 tracks.          
    Post only tracks in the media library to Twitter            

    If selected, no information will be post to tracks that are not in the media library.

When the setting ends, the setting change is fixed pushing either button of OK/Apply.

At first - Authentication 

Push the “Authentication” button in preferences page then displayed following dialog.

Authentication dialog 

Input your Twitter screen name and password then push OK button. If the dialog of the after a while following authentication successes is displayed, it is OK.

Authentication success 

When the setting ends, the setting change is fixed pushing either button of OK/Apply.

And, because this authentication information becomes effective when playing next track, if you are playing track now you play the next track.

How to post manually

During playback, select menu Playback -> Post to Twitter. 

Playback menu

Then popup [No comment] and [With comment].   

If [No comment] selected, post to Twitter directly.

If [With comment] selected, below window is popup. 

With comment

Edit your comment and push [Post] button(or Enter key), post to Twitter.    

Also, when you store foobar2000 in the task tray, it is possible to post from the Now Playing context menu displayed by right-clicking in the icon of the task tray (When playback, limit it). 

Now Playing menu

How to post automatically    

  1. Go to Preferences -> Tools -> Twitter Post 
  2. You set "Twitter Post Timing" except for "Do not use automatic post". 
  3. You set "Post Intervals".
  4. You push the OK/Apply button.
  5. You play tracks.
  6. You confirm to Twitter whether the post is successful.
  7. The error code comes out in the console when not posted well.

Initialization of setting 

Push [Reset Page] button in preferences page, then initialize setting this component.  If the OK/Apply button is not pushed after the [Reset Page] button is pushed, it is not reflected.


You are using the component at your own risk. The developer is not responsible for any damages.


The component has a discussion thread at Hydrogenaudio: 

Twitter Post - Hydrogenaudio 


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Please, could you make a version for foobar ?? :)

投稿: Braulio | 2010年9月 3日 (金) 23:14

Thanks so much for making this useful component :)

投稿: Adi Nugroho | 2011年2月16日 (水) 12:36

Thank you for this great plugin!

投稿: loneotaku | 2011年2月19日 (土) 06:07

> Braulio san

Sorry, only foobar 1.x series are supported.

> Adi Nugroho san, loneotaku san

Please enjoy it. :)

投稿: kitahei | 2011年6月27日 (月) 18:59



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